At Gill Blowers Nursery School we aim to provide a curriculum, which reflects all pupils’ interests, motivations and developmental levels. We always start from where the child is, building on what your child already knows and extending him or her to the next stage.

In the nursery your child will have access to activities that are both planned by adults and chosen by children. The staff in the nursery are trained in child development and provide an educational setting in which children learn best. The staff undertakes detailed planning and observation sessions, involving your child so that they can support progression.

Through this balanced curriculum we encourage children to question, explore, experiment, develop hypotheses and test them out, and to discuss what they are learning. The adult aims to stay by the child’s learning stage not in front or behind, so guiding them to new learning opportunities.

At Gill Blowers Nursery we say that children learn through a hundred languages and, therefore, need flexible, reflective teachers who will listen to their needs and explore the possibilities.

In nursery we spend time watching pupils to discover how they learn best. We recognise that this will continually change according to situation and context. Therefore, we expect teachers to present learning to children in variety of ways. This might be through the senses, by acting as role models, by aiding discussion, questioning, explaining, rote learning and reflecting, to name a few.

At Gill Blowers Nursery we believe that children learn best when they become active learners, negotiate their curriculum, discuss the learning they are experiencing, and work with adults to plan a curriculum that is dynamic.

The nursery routine allows the children and staff to work in partnership to develop projects and themes that place the child at the centre.

Projects are often developed from children’s interests and motivations, and then staff weave in what they know children need to learn and be taught, to receive a balanced curriculum in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage..

The daily routine in the nursery requires children to evaluate what they have been doing during each session, and to then be supported to plan the next day’s learning outcomes. Each morning this is read back to them so that they are clear about what they are aiming to achieve. This approach provides a high quality curriculum with the child at its centre, because staff know pupils well, understand child development and have good knowledge of the Early Years Curriculum.

At Gill Blowers Nursery School we value parents as the prime educators of their children. This is always our starting point.

In nursery we home visit you and your child, so that you are able to discuss the needs of your child in the comfort of your home, where you are obviously more secure. We want to find out about your wishes and hopes for your child, the learning that has taken place prior to entry to nursery, and the successes you and your child have enjoyed.

Once in nursery we meet with you as much as possible, sharing your child’s profile at termly parents’ meeting.

At Gill Blowers Nursery School we aim to provide an environment in which the children feel safe, secure, confident and valued.

The nursery has firm rules and routines that remain stable, so that children know what to expect. We encourage children to take responsibility for the environment and the equipment they use and explore. But most importantly, we encourage children to develop relationships with those around them. Adults provide open, warm role models for pupils, encouraging them to do the same.

Gill Blowers Nursery respects and celebrates all our differences, seeing them as a strength of the school. We see the development of relationships as vital to the growth and development of all children.

Pupils at nursery are respected as individuals. They are encouraged to celebrate and share what is important to them and their families, in an open and inclusive environment.

At times celebrations that are important to the community are explored and planned for.

We see it as the right of every pupil to have access to an appropriate curriculum and, therefore, provision is made accordingly.

Within the nursery we work hard to ensure pupils' emotional and social needs are met, as without these their full potential will not be realised. We provide rules to support the ethos of sharing and turn taking. Listening is a key value of everyone in the nursery, as to listen is to be non-judgemental, open to new ideas and to change.

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